Boho Breeze Beige

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Boho Breeze Beige

The Boho Breeze's Branding aesthetics rely on elegant and airy shapes, as well as neutral tones and hues. While sophisticated and timeless, it is also unique and on-trend. Ideal for the feminine brands that wish to stand out.
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What you get
  • Branding Guidelines in the form of a 30+ page brand document designed to help you set up your brand and keep it consistent across all collaterals
  • 2x font selection and pairing to choose from for your brand
  • A visual moodboard of your brand's creative direction
  • Your brand's color palette
  • 1x Canva editable logo in all of your brand's colors
  • 1x Canva editable emblem in all of your brand's colors
  • 100+ illustrated icons, social media icons and USP icons to use across all of your brand's assets
  • A series of textures to across your brand's assets
  • A PDF guide outlining all of the information and links you need to use your kit properly
  • 30+ video tutorials to guide you through the whole process of setting up your brand
  • Our 50+ pages Brand Strategy Blueprint created to help you work on your brand’s strategy and start building it up from the core
  • Lifetime customer care service: we're with you every step of the way <3
  • *Please note that due to their digital nature, our products are non-refundable
Who is it for?
  • Any entrepreneur, creative, or small business owner who doesn't have a strong, established brand identity, who is looking to get their brand started on the right foot
  • Any entrepreneur, creative, or small business owner who would like to give a refresh and an uplift to their current brand, to make sure it is perfectly represented EVERYWHERE
  • Tight budgets, who wish to stand out, grow and scale with strong brand identity
Why you need it
  • Establish a cool. bold, strong brand that stands out in just a few minutes
  • Get all of the elements you need to confidently represent your brand on all platforms
  • Ensure that you remain consistent and memorable to your dream client across all platforms
  • Give your team and another who works with/for you a document they can refer to when communicating your brand
These Branding Kits:
  • airy
  • simple
  • feminine
  • minimalist
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    Boho Breeze

    Boho Breeze


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  • Social Media Templates
  • Pitch Decks
  • Business Cards & Email Signatures
  • Pinterest Templates
  • Instagram Ad Templates
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    Boho Breeze Stock Images

    Boho Breeze Stock Images bundle

    Stock Images
    Like the look of Boho Breeze templates? Get a pack of 40 images to kickstart your website, with images tailored for this specific look. Plus you'll get the presets that we used to edit them so you can style your own with a similar look!
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    I cannot wait to use them
    I cannot wait to use them
    Thank you so much for this. I really appreciate it and I am super thankful I am able to buy those gorgeous themes. I cannot wait to use them for my upcoming clothing brand. You guys are amazing and such an inspiration ❤️😍🙏🏼 Thank you once again! ❤️
    I love to buy everything
    I love to buy everything
    I admire you, I am inspired by you every single day and basically, I love to buy everything you offer because IT IS SO GOOD!!!
    I need this service
    I need this service
    I was on the live earlier on and I have absolutely no doubt that I need this service, I have been with CLD from the beginning and have invested in M&J's presets. CLD Mob & Vid editing course and most recently the freedom lab and sootrendy so I'm pretty dedicated to you guys!
    Super easy to use!
    Super easy to use!
    I am discovering so much about my brand...I never wrote down any of this even though I knew it but it helps put everything into perspective and structure. Actually, it will help to create future content with purpose!