Malibu Summer Green

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Malibu Summer Green

The Malibu Summer Branding Kit is equally cool and fun. Its 'vintag-y' font and color pairing gives it an edge, ideal for a personable brand. Go for it, you'll love it :)
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What you get
  • A fully customizable presentation that you can easily edit and make your own directly in Canva
  • Textures and elements to use across the Pitch Deck, stand out and look professional as you pitch your dream client
  • A PDF guide with all the necessary links and information to use your Pitch Deck in the best way possible
  • 12+ Video tutorials on how to edit, customize and best use your Pitch Deck and Canva
  • Our 50+ pages Brand Strategy Blueprint created to help you work on your brand’s strategy and start building it up from the core
  • Lifetime customer care service: we're with you every step of the way <3
Why you need this
  • Establish a fun, colorful, edgy brand that stands out in just a few minutes
  • Get all of the elements you need to confidently represent your brand on all platforms
  • Ensure that you remain consistent and memorable to your dream client across all platforms
Who is it for?
  • Any entrepreneur, creative, or small business owner who doesn't have a strong, established brand identity, who is looking to get their brand started on the right foot
  • Any entrepreneur, creative, or small business owner who would like to give a refresh and an uplift to their current brand, to make sure it is perfectly represented EVERYWHERE
  • Tight budgets, who wish to stand out, grow and scale with strong brand identity
These Branding Kits:
  • edgy
  • cool
  • vintage
  • trendy
  • fun
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    Malibu Summer

    Malibu Summer


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  • Stock Images
  • Social Media Templates
  • Business Cards & Email Signatures
  • Instagram Ad Templates
  • Pinterest Templates
  • Pitch Decks
  • Showit Website Templates
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    Malibu Summer Stock Images

    Malibu Summer Stock Images bundle

    Stock Images
    Like the look of our templates? Get a pack of 40 images to kickstart your website, with images tailored to your templates' look-and-feel. Plus you'll get the presets that we used to edit them so you can style your own photos with a similar look!
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    I cannot wait to use them
    I cannot wait to use them
    Thank you so much for this. I really appreciate it and I am super thankful I am able to buy those gorgeous themes. I cannot wait to use them for my upcoming clothing brand. You guys are amazing and such an inspiration ❤️😍🙏🏼 Thank you once again! ❤️
    I love to buy everything
    I love to buy everything
    I admire you, I am inspired by you every single day and basically, I love to buy everything you offer because IT IS SO GOOD!!!
    I need this service
    I need this service
    I was on the live earlier on and I have absolutely no doubt that I need this service, I have been with CLD from the beginning and have invested in M&J's presets. CLD Mob & Vid editing course and most recently the freedom lab and sootrendy so I'm pretty dedicated to you guys!
    Super easy to use!
    Super easy to use!
    I am discovering so much about my brand...I never wrote down any of this even though I knew it but it helps put everything into perspective and structure. Actually, it will help to create future content with purpose!