Is it possible integrate an e-commerce in showit?

e-commerce with showit. Is it possible?
Showit is the new kid in the block - and it has come to stay. Initially developed as a solution for photographers, showit quickly landed in the spotlight of creatives for it's incredible ease of use and flexibility. The main caveat? Well, it's not shopify but it can certainly become the right platform for an e-commerce site - with limitations.

So Is It possible?

Showit has become the favorite plattform for designers for its flexibility and incredible ease of use, allowing them to create eye-catching designs without really forcing them to compromise on their design. Now, Showit is not Shopify or any or the other big e-commerce platform and we would not recommend everyone to host their e-commerce site on Showit, but there are some scenarios where you can benefit from the advantages of Showit and still be able to sell products.

How big is your shop

The main question is: how many products do you plan to sell?. If the answer is not many, then Showit might just be the right solution for you. The perks? With showit you are not forced to choose an e-commerce plattform. You can use Shopify, Ecwid, ThriveCart, and many other solutions out there.

This will give you a lot of flexibility when designing your store (trust us) and tapping in to already mature solutions to manage the money-making proces.

The problem? You are literally tapping in to these platforms, which means that you have to define your products there and then re-define them in Showit - at least those parts that you want to show on your website. This is why the amount of products is crucial. We won't give you an exact number, but managing 1000 products in two different plattforms might be overkill.

Design or Structure?

There are use cases for both, definitely. But more often than not, the answer to this question will be the same to the question above: How big is your shop?

Large shops with lots of products need to be well structured so that customers can find the product they are looking for - but when you have only a docen products you can really get creative with the customer journey, and you can test different ideas as well.

What is your budget

Don't underestimate the cost of customizing templates on robust platforms. Robust is good, but it means you'll spend money or time (and time is money) getting the site to look just like you want. This is why we love Showit, and we we believe it's a great solution for you, definitely a good alternative to Shopify - with advantages and disadvantages, of course, but defnitely worth considering for small shops or even start-ups.

Why do we use Showit?

We chose Showit to be at the center of our products because we believe it is the best fit for most of our customers. It is:

  • extremely easy to use with a very quick learning curve. It is intuitive and super fun to use
  • fast and flexible allowing us and our customers to come up with new designs. ideas, pages and concepts really quick - entire websites can be built in days if not hours, create salespages or landing pages for your newest webinar in a matter of minutes
  • ideal for startups and small businesses. Showit at it's core doesn't offer many services but you can easily bring external services into your website. The power of showit is that it can help you jump start your business and you can ditch it whenever you and your business are mature enough for something bigger - but just if you really want, of course!

The Summary

Showit can definitely be used for e-commerce

The main question is how many products you plan to sell

Think about what is important to you: design or structure

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